MYC-C437X CPU Module

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Description of product

The MYC-C437X CPU Module is a low-cost compact-sized SOM (System on Module) based on 1GHz Sitara
AM437x (AM4376, AM4377, AM4378, AM4379) ARM Cortex-A9 processors from Texas Instruments (TI),
featuring 3D graphics acceleration for rich graphical user interfaces, PRU-ICSS for industrial protocols,
improved Vector Floating Point (VFP) unit and other peripherals and interfaces support like Quad-SPI, dual
parallel cameras, two independent eight-channel ADCs, etc.

The MYC-C437X CPU Module integrates the AM437x processor, 512MB DDR3 SDRAM, 4GB eMMC Flash, 32KB
EEPROM, Gigabit Ethernet PHY and Power Management IC TPS65218 on board and can be served as the
controller board of your next design. It has two 0.8mm pitch 2*50-pin board-to-board expansion connectors for
interconnecting with your base board, thus providing an interface for the base board to carry most of the I/O signals to and from the CPU module.