Description of product

TILT-n-SHAKE click carries Freescale’s MMA8491Q IC. It’s a multifunctional 3-axis digital accelerometer that can also be configured as a 45-degree Tilt sensor. To use it as an accelerometer, keep the EN pin pulled to logic level high. The acceleration data will be outputted to the target MCU through mikroBUS™ I2C pins (SCL, SDA). The output time is about 700 microseconds, with a 14-bit resolution, ±8 full-scale range and 1 mg/LSB sensitivity. As a Tilt sensor, the click board needs only one output pin — INT (interrupt). Three onboard LEDs will also signal the tilt orientation. TILT-n-SHAKE click is designed to use a 3.3V power supply only.



Type Motion
Applications Tamper and anti-teft detection. Also, remote controls and other accelerometer applications
On-board modules   Freescale’s MMA8491Q IC 3-axis digital accelerometer
Key Features Integrated 45-degree Tilt sensor. 14-bit resolution, 1 mg/LSB sensitivity. ~700 µs output time
Key Benefits Tilt sensor configurable with jumpers. Easy to implement
Interface GPIO,I2C
Input Voltage 3.3V
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size M (42.9 x 25.4 mm)