Description of product


World's tiniest Arduino-comatible board. As a size comparison: the PCB of this board is 30% smaller compared to the PCBs of each the digispark and the femtoduino boards.


  • World's smallest Arduino-compatible board:
    only (0.665x0.500)inch ~ (16.9x12.7)mm
  • ATtiny85-SU microcontroller with pre-loaded "Micronucleus" bootloader
  • Tested and working with properly configured Arduino IDE
  • Li-Po battery connector for stand-alone operation
  • Micro USB cable connector (unlike most of the other Olimex boards which use mini USB)
  • Two LEDs - power and status
  • Open-hardware board, board schematics and layout available for Eagle
  • Open-software board, thanks to the Micronucleus project and the Digispark efforts
  • Ultra low-power design for battery and handheld operations