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IrThermo 2 click

Description of product

IrThermo 2 click is a non-contact temperature measurement solution. The click board carries the TMP007 infrared thermopile sensor with an integrated math engine. The sensor absorbs the infrared radiation emitted by the target object (withing the sensor’s field of view) and the integrated math engine calculates its temperature by comparing it with the temperature of the silicon die. The measurement range of the sensor is between –40°C to 125°C (with a 14-bit resolution). The board is designed to use either a 3.3V or a 5V power supply.



ApplicationsAs a contactless measurement solution, IrThermo 2 click is ideal for monitoring hard to reach object, whether because they are inconveniently placed (batteries, heatskinks inside a casing), hazardous (high voltage or toxic).
On-board modulesTMP007 infrared thermopile sensor
Key Features–40°C to 125°C, 14-bit resolution. Interrupt pin for setting off alerts
Key BenefitsContactless temperature measurement. Selectable I2C address
Input Voltage3.3V or 5V
Click board sizeS (28.6 x 25.4 mm)