Grove - Mouse Encoder

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Description of product


Grove - Mouser Encoder is mechanical incremental rotary encoder (A, B channel) with feedback of direction and speed[1]. It features standard Grove interface that will save your lots of work in wiring and programming. Also, it is well adapted to heavy duty and a harsh environment. This product can be applied in toys, robots, and consumer input devices.

Note that the rotating speed is designed to be less 1000 rad/min(radian per minute).


  • Versatile for different environment.

  • Well adapted for heavy duty and harsh environment.

  • With detents and a nice feel.

  • Standard Grove interface for easier programming and wiring.

  • Accurate and reliable.


Min. Typical Max.
Operating voltage(V) 3.3 5.5
Operating current(mA) 10 13
Duty(constant speed) 50%
Phase difference(constant speed) π/4
Pulse per circle 12       

Technical Details

Dimensions 130mm x 90mm x 18mm
Weight G.W 8g    
Battery Exclude

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