Grove - Heelight Sensor

Description of product


Grove – Heelight Sensor is a smart voice sensor that can recognize up to 500 digital voice commands(Click to download the voice file). It was originally used on the Heelight – a smart colorful bulb that can be controlled by digital sound waves. With the heelight sensor, there is no need for bluetooth, wifi, or zigbee to do non-contact light control. Now we introduce this sensor into the small and neat Grove modules, allow you to realize smart control in your Arduino – based projects.

Note: Please note that this sensor can only recognize digital voice. If you need human voice recognition module, please consider the Respeaker  or  Grove - Speech Recognizer.


  • Digital Voice Recognition

  • Support over 500 digital voice commands

  • Compatible with the Grove system 

Alternative Choice

If you want to use Heelight Sensor on a bread board or integrate it to your own product/PCBA, there's a better choice for you---Heelight Core.

Technical Details

Dimensions 20mm x 20mm x 10mm
Weight G.W 7.8g    N.W 6.8g
Battery Exclude
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V~5V
Operating Current 15mA
Identification Range 0.1~10m
Angle Range 360°
Baud Rate 115200
Serial Port Output TTL logic level

Part List

Grove - Heelight Sensor 1
Grove cable 1