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GPS Click

Description of product

GPS click
 is a compact solution for adding GPS functionality to your device. It carries the u-blox LEA-6S high-performance position engine. The click is designed to run on a 3.3V power supply and communicates with the target MCU through UART or I2C interface.

Satellite tracking

GPS click can simultaneously track up to 16 satellites while searching for new ones. The LEA-6S module’s TTFF (time to first fix) is less than one second — this is the measure of time necessary for a GPS receiver to get satellite signals and navigation data, and based on this information, calculate a position (a fix).

Power consumption

The click uses 121mW in continuous mode, and only 36mW in power save mode. Once a position is acquired, satellites are passed on to a power-optimized dedicated tracking engine.

Different power modes (Maximum performance, Eco, Power Save) allow you to control the acquisition and tracking engines in order to balance between performance and power consumption. Detailed information about the different power modes and their configuration are available in the data sheet, but here are a few excerpts to give an overview