Dht11 Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Description of product

Product Details:

Operating voltage 3-5V
Humidity 20%-80%, 5% accuracy;
Temperature 0deg to 50 deg C, +/- 2 deg C accuracy
Power supply DC 3.5-5.5V
Sampling period more than 2 seconds
Resolution 16Bit
Accuracy At 25 deg C +/- 5% RH
Temperature Range (Degree Celsius) At 25 deg C +/- 2 deg C
Application HVAC, dehumidifier, testing and inspection equipment, consumer goods, automotive, automatic control,

DHT11 is an inexpensive sensor that provides calibrated digital outputs for ambient temperature and relative humidity. It comes in a single row 4-pin package and operates from 3 to 5.5V power supply. It can measure temperature from 0-50 °C with an accuracy of ±2°C and relative humidity ranging from 20-95% with an accuracy of ±5%. It has got its own proprietary 1-wire protocol, and therefore, the communication between the sensor and a microcontroller is not possible through a direct interface with any of its peripherals. The protocol must be implemented in the firmware of the MCU through bit-banging of an I/O pin.

Low-cost temperature and humidity sensor. Requires a single digital I/O pin to read both temperature and humidity values. Details:

  • Operating voltage: 3-5V;
  • Humidity: 20%-80%, 5% accuracy;
  • Temperature: 0° to 50°C, ±2°C accuracy.