BLE P click
BLE P click

Description of product

BLE P click carries the nRF8001 IC that allows you to add Bluetooth 4.0 to your device. The click communicates with the target board MCU through mikroBUS™ SPI (CS, SCK, MISO, MOSI), RDY and ACT lines, and runs on 3.3V power supply. Beside the mikroBUS™ socket, BLE P click also features additional UART input and output pins (RXD and TXD). These enable you to test the RF parameters of the BLE P click’s radio design.

Key features

  • nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy RF transceiver
    • 16 MHz crystal oscillator
    • Ultra-low peak current consumption <14 mA
    • Low current for connection oriented profiles, typically 2 μA
  • PCB trace antenna
  • BLE Android app
  • Interface: SPI
  • 3.3V power supply