AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Description of product


AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature & Humidity sensor is one of the commonest from the range of DHT temperature sensors; and boasts a relatively high-temperature measurement accuracy of 0.5°C in 0.1°C steps with a relative humidity accuracy of ± 3%.

It has only 3 wires, including power and ground, meaning only one digital pin is required to interface it to a microcontroller. For Arduino development platforms the sensor is very well supported by the DHT library available from the Arduino Playground website.

AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature

Note: This package does not include the Arduino board.


  1. 4-pin package.
  2. Ultra-low-power.
  3. No additional components.
  4. Excellent long-term stability.
  5. All calibration, digital output.
  6. Completely interchangeable.
  7. Long-distance signal transmission.
  8. Relative humidity and temperature measurement.