Aluminum Flexible Coupling

Aluminum Flexible Coupling

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Made of machined aluminum
Measures 1" x 0.7" diameter / 25mm x 18mm diameter
Weight 15 grams
Applications Shaft coupler Often used to connect servo motor, stepper motor, encoder, screw driving, machine plat
Inner diameter 5mm

These couplers are made of machined aluminum and have a spiral cut that makes them slightly flexible so they can be fit to two shafts even if they are not perfectly co-linear and will help reduce binding effects.The way they're cut, they're a little springy in the X Y Z linear axis but not in the rotational axis. That means that you won't get increased backlash - so they're suitable for precision CNC work.

Measures 1" x 0.7" diameter / 25mm x 18mm diameter
15 grams

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5 to 5 mm
5 to 8 mm