Description of product

A33-OLinuXino is Open Source Hardware single board computer with A33 Quad core Cortex-A7 processor, Mali 400 GPU, OpenGL ES 2.0, RGB/LVDS, MIPI DSI interface for up to 1280x800 resolution displays, 5M/8M pixel CSI, HI-FI 100 dB Audio Codec.
A33 Quad Core Cortex-A7 running at 1.2Ghz
1GB DDR3 RAM running at clock 432/360MHz
USB On-The-Go interface on USB mini connector
Debug UART connector
LiPo battery charger
Step-up converter allow all peripherals including USB hosts to work properly on Li-Po battery power
Audio input for microphone
Audio output for headphones
Camera CSI / LCD MIPI 40 pin FPC connector
LCD 0.1" step 40 pin connector (not assembled on board)
GPIO 0.1" step 40 pin connector (not assembled on board)
Barrel power jack for external 5V supply
PCB dimensions: 66 x 71 mm

A33 datasheet
A33 users manual
A33-OLinuXino wiki article
A33-OLinuXino latest schematic in PDF format
A33-OLinuXino design CAD files
FTP folder with latest official Linux images and torrents

Wiki article with offical Linux image usage and build instructions

Linux image and instructions how to build
Android 4.4 image - instructions how to download to the card - build instructions