Description of product


A13-SOM-256 is System on Chip module, which contains A13 Cortex-A8 ARM processor, Power managment, 256MB DDR3 memory. All A13 signals are available on 4 connectors with 0.05" step. A13-SOM-256 have UART console connector and SD-card.

A13-SOM-256 can run Debian and OpenWRT, but due to the limited amout of RAM memory it is not recommended to run Android 4.x properly

A13-SOM-WIFI reference design snap-on shield for A13-SOM with LCD connector, optional 4GB NAND Flash, optional 8MB SPI Flash, WIFI RTL8188CU module, GPIO connectors is available with Eagle CAD files, so everyone can modify and tailor to his needs. Templates for A13-SOM-256 receptacle done in Eagle and KiCAD are available.


  • Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 processor typically running at 1Ghz
  • 256MB DDR3 memory
  • Power management DCDC
  • MicroSD card
  • UART console connector
  • 4 GPIO connectors 0.05" step
  • Status LEDs
  • RESET, UBOOT/HOME buttons
  • Dimensions: (2400 x 1300)mill ~ (61 x 33)mm