DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module For Arduino

Description of product


This Digital temperature sensor DS18B20 will tell you, with 9 to 12 bit resolution! Uses only 1 wire to the Arduino or other microcontroller for communication. With the One Wire protocol, you can operate a large number of these sensors from one Arduino pin. Simple to use and highly accurate. Measures temperatures from -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F).

Product Details

Resolution 9 to 12 bit
Temperature range -55degC to 125degC (-67degF to 257degF)
Power indicator On board
board size 21 (mm) x10 (mm)
Temperature sensor DS18B20


  • board DS18B20 chip DS18B20 chip left 3P round hole seat is easily accessible at the same time
  • chip pin all leads, built-in pull-up resistor
  • on-board power indicator
  • board size: 21 (mm) x10 (mm)