Zorrik 88 (60gm) - Original

Description of product

Zorrik 88 (60gms) - Pidilite [Original]

Cleans: Zorrik 88 loosens and cleans surfaces from dirt, rust, grime, caked grease and oil. It dissolves most adhesives enabling easy removal of labels / stickers. 
Lubricants: Zorrik 88 is an effective lubricant. It penetrates easily and rapidly in to the minor gaps of tenaciously held moving parts. It helps to reduce friction and enables easy movements of metal parts. 
Penetrates: Zorrik 88 protects rust to metal bonds, crevices and pores through capillary actions and loosens / frees jammed, frozen and rusted metal parts, bolts, nuts, shafts and bearings. 
Displaces moisture: Zorrik 88 penetrates and goes under surface moisture and forms a protective film between moisture - induced short circuits in electrical contacts. 
Brand Name: Pidilite
Type: Zorrik 88
Weight: 32g
Manufacturer: Pidilite
  • Pidilite zorrik 88 has social Formulation 
  • Pidilite zorrik 88 has aerosol spray packing
  • Cleans, protects, Lubricates, Dispalces Moisture
  • Standards and offer high durability
  • Pidilite zorrik 88 comes in a pack of 32g

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