Zener Diodes ZENER DIODE 2-PIN

Zener Diodes ZENER DIODE 2-PIN

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Automotive Zener Diodes

ROHM Automotive Zener Diodes are AEC-Q101 qualified high-reliability diodes for voltage regulation. These diodes offer 2.02V to 160V Zener voltage (VZ) range and 100mW to 1W power dissipation (PD) range. The Automotive Zener diodes feature 1mA to 20mA Zener current (IZ) range and are available in a silicon epitaxial planar structure. These diodes exhibit a storage temperature range between -55°C to 150°C. The Automotive grade Zener diodes come in EMD2, PMDU, SMD3, SOT-23, TUMD2M, UMD2, UMD3, UMD4, VMD2, and VMN2 package.