Description of product


A pen-sized phone with daily essential functions, such as calling, messaging, camera, mp3, mp4, and more...Incredibly portable, versatile, and useful, Zanco Smart Pen is a powerful combination of phone, Bluetooth headset, stylish pen.ZANCO S-Pen is the ultimate compact backup phone for travel, outdoor activities and emergency situations. Take it with you as a supplement to your primary smartphone.Bluetooth enabled and easy-to-use, pair it with your smartphone, when your smartphone rings the S-Pen rings. Perfect for a quick call or text via Bluetooth.
  • 0.96inch colour screen
  • battery life 6 hours
  • 3.0 Bluetooth
  • Dual camera
  •  SD slot
  • FM Radio
  • Video Recorder
  • Voice changer
  • Laser pen
  • Remote capture
  • MP3/MP4