xPico 250 Evaluation Kit

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Product Overview

IoT.Accelerated with the industry’s smallest embedded IoT gateway

Delivering seamless and secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Lantronix xPico® 200 series allows OEMs to go to market faster with their smart IoT solutions.

Featuring advanced enterprise security, networking intelligence and pre-integration with the MACH10™ management software platform, xPico 200 series delivers the power of an IoT gateway in an industry leading compact footprint.

Robust Connectivity for Reliable Data Access and Management

The xPico® 200 series make it easy to deploy robust Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that provides reliable and secure data access and management for your smart IoT solution — whether it is through multiple applications on the local network or across the Internet. Field-tested TruPort® Serial delivers transparent pass-through of hundreds of serial protocols and TruPort Socket allows for multiple connections via TCP, UDP or TLS.

Easy-to-Deploy Networking Intelligence For Your Machine

Simplify device firmware complexity with a completely offloaded secure networking communications engine. Securely connect to enterprise Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks. Get to market quickly by utilizing production ready network stack, robust security, connectivity and management software.

Comprehensive Device Security Framework

Leverage a comprehensive suite of built-in device security software with minimal integration effort. Lantronix TruPort® Security software offers instant access to key features such as robust secure connections, data-at-rest protection for keys, configuration and firmware, and centrally managed identity and access control.

Scalable IoT Management Software To Enhance The User Experience

Add scalable remote device management and data access to your applications via Lantronix MACH10™ cloud software platform. Utilize IoT optimized protocols such as MQTT and WebSockets for communications with other cloud based applications.