WiFi IR Blaster - ESP8266

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Description of product


The WiFi IR Blaster is designed to connect all of your legacy IR-controlled devices to a WiFi network – exposing them to a new horizon of control. Want to control your TV via a web-browser? Want to ask Alexa to mute your stereo? Want to schedule triggers to your IR-controlled LED strip? These are all applications that the WiFi IR Blaster is perfect for.

The IR Blaster combines an ESP8266 – a powerful WiFi/microcontroller SoC – with an IR emitter and receiver. With built-in WiFi support, the ESP8266 can be programmed to provide an interface between HTTP, MQTT, TCP, and UDP services and the infrared-controlled devices populating your entertainment center.

This product includes the WiFi IR Blaster, a Lite-ON LTE-302 infrared emitter, and a TSOP38238 IR receiver. The IR emitter and detector are not populated on the board – allowing you to assemble them in any orientation your project requires.

This board works with the ESP8266 Arduino hardware definitions and is designed to be programmed with a 3.3V 6-pin USB-to-serial converter – we recommend either the Beefy 3 FTDI Basic Breakout or Serial Basic Breakout - CH340G(something with a 3.3V regulator that can supply enough power to the ESP8266 and IR emitter).