Welle - A Smart Interface Controller
Welle - A Smart Interface Controller

Description of product

Welle is a smart device that instantly turns any surface into a smart controller using embedded Sonar and a highly sensitive touchless gesture control algorithm. It gives you the ability to use simple gestures to control your favorite IoT device and software applications via Bluetooth 
Welle uses refined Sonar technology to instantly turn any surface into a smart controller. Sonar is widely used the fields of military, automotive and drones. Sonar transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from targets. The characteristics of the echoes are extracted and then translated into different instructions to Internet of Things devices using an advanced hardware design and software algorithms



BLE Compatible

ARMCortex - M4 single-core 168MHz 192KB RAM with FPU

10cm in front of device  

Portable and easy to carry

Battery including

Long standby time