Voltage References Automotive, low-drift, low-power, small-footprint series voltage reference 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125

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REF34xx/REF34xx-Q1 Low-Power Voltage References

Texas Instruments REF34xx/REF34xx-Q1 Low-Drift Low-Power Voltage References are low-temperature drift (6ppm/°C), low-power, high-precision CMOS voltage reference. These voltage references feature ±0.05% initial accuracy and low operating current with power consumption less than 95µA. These devices also offer very low output noise of 5µVp-p/V, which enables its ability to maintain high signal integrity with high-resolution data converters in noise critical systems. With a small SOT-23 package, REF34xx/Q1 offers enhanced specifications and pin-to-pin replacement for MAX607x and ADR34xx. The REF34xx/Q1 family is compatible with most of the ADC and DAC such as ADS1287, ADUCM360, ADS1112.