Fixed Inductors 0.12uH 15% 90A 0.125mOhms

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Description of product

VLBU Inductors

TDK VLBU Inductors feature a large current and lower DCR thanks to a connecting wireless structure, a wide inductance range, with a saturation current rating from 30A to 120A. These inductors are power supply circuits for SMD inductors that are made up of ferrite materials. The VLBU1007090 variants support direct current sensing under high-temperature conditions, while the VLBU9664100L, VLBU1024660F1, and VLBU805080 types are narrow inductors for multiphase applications. The VLBU6565100T inductors reduce the mounting area. TDK VLBU Inductors are suitable for use in data servers, VRMs, telecom base stations, computing, and industrial applications.