UV Sensor (Qwiic) - VEML6075

Description of product


VEML6075 UV sensor!

The VEML6075 can detect the intensity of UVA (~365nm) and UVB (~330nm) waves. With a quick calculation, those values can be used to generate a standardized UV index – a value from 0 to 11+ which indicates the relative strength of UV irradiance. Seeing a UVI above 6-7? Find some shade, or slather on that sun screen!

The VEML6075 features a simple I2C interface, so we stuck it on a Qwiic-compatible board. This board requires no voltage translation, no figuring out which pin is SDA or SCL; just plug it in and go!

Check out the documents section for a simple Arduino library – there’s example code to configure the sensor, read its UVA and UVB outputs, and generate a UV index output. Stay safe out there this summer!