Description of product

The Blackhawk USB560v2 System Trace Emulator (USB560v2) is based on the new XDS560v2 system trace reference design (XDS560v2) from Texas Instruments. The XDS560v2 design is the next-generation of the high-performance XDS560-class technology first made available by Blackhawk with the USB560/LAN560 and XDS560 Trace.

The USB560v2 low-cost and compact design includes a bus-powered, high-speed USB 2.0 host interface with bi-color state and activity LEDs and a flexible, ribbon-ized coax JTAG cable. The JTAG cable comes with a native MIPI 60 connection and the unit ships with three (3) pin converters for connection to target boards with 14-pin TI, 20-pin compact TI and 20-pin ARM headers.

Along with traditional JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) the USB560v2 also includes support for IEEE 1149.7 (previously known as cJTAG) and system trace (STM), an interface on the TI heterogeneous multi-core (ARM + DSP) devices.  The System Trace capability is compliant to MIPI STP.  All Blackhawk XDS560v2-class emulators support STM.

The System Trace capability is compliant to MIPI STP. For those that are not familiar, MIPI STP expands to Mobile Industry Processor Interface System Trace Protocol. See for more details. Access to this capability is provided by TI CTools enabled devices for debug and optimization of multi-core processors. This helps users look at the synchronization and timing between cores and on-chip peripherals in their application. For more information on the CTools, please refer to the TI Wiki site at:

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