Description of product

The Blackhawk USB100v2-ARM is designed to connect to target boards with an ARM 10-pin or ARM 20-pin JTAG header and debug all devices supported by the TI XDS100v2 reference design.

If you have a target board with a standard TI 14-pin or compact TI 20-pin (cTI) JTAG connection, you should look at the Blackhawk USB100v2D model.  The Blackhawk USB100v2 models differ in target connection options only.

The Blackhawk™ USB100v2-ARM controller is a very low-cost controller for basic debugging of Texas Instruments DSPs. Requiring no external power source, the USB100v2 can support most of the basic features of higher priced emulators and requires no additional drivers when installed using CCS v4 or later.

The USB100v2-ARM is a TI XDS100v2-compatible emulator fully supported under CCS v4 and future Texas Instruments roadmap software development environments. Blackhawk’s USB100v2-ARM provides additional features and performance not found in other XDS100v1 emulators. The USB100v2-ARM provides for faster code downloads and assembly code stepping in that the USB100v2 uses a high-speed USB2.0 (480 Mb/s) port instead of slower USB1.x (12 Mb/s) implementations.

The Blackhawk USB100v2-ARM will support 1.8-3.3v targets with native 10-pin and 20-pin ARM connections. The 10-pin cable connection is a 2x5 orientation with 0.050" x 0.050" spacing matching those found on Stellaris boards.  The 20-pin cable connection is a standard 2x10 socket with 0.100" x 0.100" spacing that is found on most TI ARM-based boards.