Description of product


UMFT201XB, UMFT220XB, and UMFT230XB breakout modules utilize FTDI’s FT201XQ, FT220XQ, and FT230XQ chips, respectively, to convert USB to serial or parallel interfaces.

These modules support the following popular interfaces:

  • UMFT201XB bridges from USB to I2C IC.
  • - UMFT220XB bridges from USB to a user chosen, parallel bit interface, FTDI’s FT1248/SPI.Note: 2 out of the 4 I/0 lines are available for this module.
  • - UMFT230XB bridges from USB to UART IC.


This module is a breakout board with a low profile. It converts USB2.0 Full-Speed to a serial interface and connects the serial signals to a 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch 10pin female receptacle. The boards do not use a USB connector, but instead the modules plug directly into the USB host connector and the pads of the PCB makes electrical contact with the electrical contacts of the USB connector. All serial interfaces on these modules operate at +3.3V voltage levels, however all I/Os are 5V tolerant.