USB Interface IC Dock management controller 96-NFBGA -10 to 85

USB Interface IC Dock management controller 96-NFBGA -10 to 85

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TPS65982DMC Dock Management Controller

Texas Instruments TPS65982DMC Dock Management Controller is for docks, hubs, and monitors implementing TI PD controllers. The TPS65982DMC includes a USB Low Speed endpoint capable of receiving firmware updates for the system’s PD controllers. The firmware update is performed securely using SHA-256 and RSA-3072 authentication. Also, the endpoint provides USB billboard functionality. The TPS65982 DMC integrates back to back NFET drivers for controlling the system power supply from an external adapter. The DMC monitors the current through the adapter input path as well as other points of the system and adjusts the power advertisement of managed PD controllers to ensure the external adapter is not overloaded. When included in USB4 systems the Texas Instruments TPS65982DMC monitors the connection state of the upstream facing port and updates the connection state of the downstream facing ports to ensure consistent data behavior across the system.