USB Interface IC Automotive USB 3.5A DCDC w/ Voltage Compensation, Host-Charge Emulation, Protection, and I2C

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Description of product

MAX20037/38 Automotive Step-Down Converters

Maxim Integrated MAX20037/38 Automotive High-Current Step-Down Converters with USB Protection/Host Charger Adapter Emulation combine a 3.5A automotive-grade step-down converter, USB host charger adapter emulator, and USB protection switches for automotive USB host applications. The MAX20037/38 Converters include a USB load current-sense amplifier and configurable feedback-adjustment circuit, designed to provide automatic USB voltage compensation for voltage drops in captive cables often found in automotive applications. The devices limit the USB load current using both a fixed internal peak-current threshold of the DC-DC converter and a user-configurable external USB load current-sense amplifier threshold.