UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit
UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit

Description of product


Supported by an extensive SW for wireless, a part of IQRF SDK, including IQRF Daemon supporting multiple communication channels: UDPMQ and MQTT.

 Typical arrangement with Microsoft Azure cloud and open source flow-based programming environment Node-Red:

Individual wireless devices are controlled by DPA commands implemented in ready-to-use Custom DPA handlers specialized for this set. The handlers specify HWP identification (HWPID) to individual devices which allows their recognition and DPA interoperability. IQRF IDE includes ready-to-use macros specialized for this set.

EP-HTIOTSKTIQRF x1 (IQRF Sensors) including:

Products includedPcsDescription
DCTR-72DAT4IQRF transceiver
CK-USB-04A1IQRF programmer, debugger and TR host with USB connectivity
DK-EVAL-04A3Universal portable development kit for TR transceivers, TR host
DDC-SE-011IQRF evaluation and development kit with sensors
DDC-RE-011IQRF evaluation and development kit with relays
KON-RASP-011Adapter to connect IQRF transceiver to Raspberry Pi or alternatives.
For not compatible computers see Recommended options below.
CAB-USBABMICRO1Micro USB cable 18.5 cm
USB flash drive1Software and documentation (including Custom DPA handlers and IQRF IDE with specialized macros)

Note: This product comes without operating system

Installation guide: https://youtu.be/PhBL8MRQJTo