UCTRONICS Lithium Battery Charger Powerpack Expansion Board with USB Cable 3800mAH for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Description of product


  • The UCTRONICS Lithium Powerpack Expansion Board is designed for the Raspberry Pi which enables the Pi board working in a moveable manner within 9 hours of battery life
  • Dual USB output port,which supports both Raspberry Pi and LCD screen operating at the same time
  • Imported lithium charge, boost management chip integrated, which makes it access to charge via the mirco USB port with an USB cable
  • Fastening standoffs,screws and nuts makes the Raspberry Pi stable on the expansion board
  • Apply for powering and charging for the Raspberry Pi, LCD screens, cellphones and other electronic device


Battery Capacity: 3800mAH 
Output Voltage: 5.1V +/- 0.1V 
Full Charge of Voltage: 4.18V-4.2V 
Maximum Discharge Current: 1.4A 
Standard Charge Current / Voltage: 1.0A/5.0V 
Cut-off voltage of fully charging: 4.18V - 4.2V 
PWR Indicator: ON: 5V Output 
OFF: no output 
CHG Indicator: ON: constant current charge 
OFF: float charge until the lithium is full 
Package Including 
1pcs Lithium Battery Charger Powerpack