TSOP1838 - Infrared Sensor

Description of product

TSOP1838 - Infrared Sensors

General Description

The TSOP 1838 is a member of IR remote control receiver series. This IR sensor module consists of a PIN diode and a pre amplifier which are embedded into a single package. The output of TSOP is active low and it gives +5V in off state. When IR waves, from a source, with a centre frequency of 38 kHz incident on it, its output goes low. 
Lights coming from sunlight, fluorescent lamps etc. may cause disturbance to it and result in undesirable output even when the source is not transmitting IR signals. A bandpass filter, an integrator stage and an automatic gain control are used to suppress such disturbances.
  • Photo detector and preamplifier in one package
  • Internal filter for PCM frequency
  • TTL and CMOS compatibility
  • Output active low
  • Improved shielding against electrical field disturbance
  • Suitable burst length ≥6 cycles/burst 
Special Features
  • Small size package
  • Enhanced immunity against all kinds of disturbance light
  • No occurrence of disturbance pulses at the output
  • Short settling time after power on (<200s)

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