Transistor Output Optocouplers Photo-Voltaic Optocoupler

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OLS910 Photovoltaic Optocoupler

Skyworks Solutions Inc. OLS910 Photovoltaic Optocoupler consists of a pair of LEDs that are optically coupled to a dielectrically isolated photovoltaic diode array. This optocoupler is packaged in a small hermetic Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC). When the LED is energized, the infrared emission is detected by the photovoltaic array and a DC output voltage is generated. This electrically isolated voltage can be used to drive the gates of Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) devices. The OLS910 device mounting is achieved with reflow soldering or conductive epoxies. The OLS910 optocoupler features high-reliability, high open-circuit voltage, and high short-circuit current. Typical applications include avionics, biomedical materials, radar, space, surveillance systems, instrumentation, and military communications.