MJE13005 NPN HV Hi Speed Transistor

Description of product

MJE13005 NPN Power Transistor

Designed for high frequency and hi speed transistor applications. These devices are designed for high–voltage, high–speed power switching inductive circuits where fall time is critical. They are particularly suited for 115 and 220 V SWITCHMODE applications such as Switching Regulator’s, Inverters, Motor Controls, Solenoid/Relay drivers and Deflection circuit


  • Collector-Emitter Volt (Vceo): 400V
  • Collector Current (Ic): 4.0A
  • hfe: 8-40 @ 2000mA
  • Power Dissipation (Ptot): 75W
  • Current-Gain-Bandwidth (ftotal): 4MHz
  • Type: NPN

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