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TPCN-203+ 50Ω Ceramic Transmission Thru-Line

Mini-Circuits TPCN-203+ 50Ω Ceramic Transmission Thru-Line can pass signals with a low insertion loss of 0.4dB (typical) in a DC to 20,000MHz frequency range. The TPCN-203+ can be used as a place holder in system boards in the absence of LTCC filters. The component features LTCC construction that is well suited for tough environments such as high humidity and temperature extremems. The small size, 3.20mm x 1.6mm, allows for high layout density of circuit boards while reducing the effect of parasitics. Wrap-around terminations provide excellent solderability and easy visual inspection. In addition, this low-loss device provides excellent matching between devices and is ideal for use in high-power applications.