TMP392EVM Evaluation Module

Description of product


Texas Instruments TMP392EVM Evaluation Module is a plug and play system to test and evaluate the TMP392 analog temperature switch. The TMP392EVM Evaluation Module features resistor-programmable inputs for the dual-channel switch with both hot and warm trip settings, to protect two different over-temperature conditions or be used as an over-temperature shutdown/warning.

The TMP392EVM has two options for supply power, a USB port or external power supply. Trip tests are available for both channels, utilizing the on-board push buttons with LED indicators at the output of the TMP392, to recognize when the sensor trips. The sensor is located on a breakout board which can be separated from the main PCB board to allow for prototyping.

The TMP392EVM Evaluation Module does not require any calibration or software programming, as the trip points are set physically with resistors which may be replaced to test at other temperature thresholds.


  • Dual-channel trip point settings
  • Manual trip test
  • Manual reset
  • USB or external supply options
  • Detachable sensor board for prototyping