The human body induction module pyroelectric infrared module

Description of product

HC - SR501 is automatic control module based on infrared technology, using the German original installation import LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, reliability, low voltage work mode, is widely applied in all kinds of automatic induction electrical equipment, especially a battery-powered automatic control products

  • electric parameter:
  • product model:HC - SR501 human body induction module
  • operating voltage range:4.5-20 v dc voltage
  • quiescent current:<50uA
  • Level of output:3.3 V high/ 0 V low
  • trigger mode
  • L not repeatable triggered repeated trigger/H
  • delay time:5-200 - s (adjustable) can produce range zero seconds - tens of minutes
  • Blocking time:2.5 S (the default) range, zero seconds seconds can be made up
  • Circuit board dimension:32mm*24mm
  • Induction angle :< 100 degree Angle
  • Working Temperature :- 15 - + 70 degrees
  • Induction lens size:Diameter: 23 mm (the default)