TFT Displays & Accessories 7 IN TFT WVGA I2C On-Cell PCAP 500 nit

TFT Displays & Accessories 7 IN TFT WVGA I2C On-Cell PCAP 500 nit

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Description of product


Kyocera Display 7.0" 800 x 480 WVGA On-Cell Touch PCAP Display is an integrated Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with an I2C interface for easy operation. The display features a 70K LED lifetime and is specifically designed for use only in electronic devices and industrial machines. Typical applications include audio control, office automation, industrial control, home appliances, and more.


  • Thin profile and lightweight structure:
    • By adding the touch sensing layer directly to the LCD module, it eliminates a full touch screen panel over the display surface, resulting in a thin and lightweight structure
  • Eliminates interior reflections:
    • Without having the touch substrate, the interior optical reflection is reduced from multiple reflective layers down to one layer
  • Excellent visibility:
    • No air gap between the touch screen and LCD resulting in better visibility
  • Super noise resistance:
    • Touch controller is mounted on the display PCB inside the module. This reduces the noise that could be picked up in a conventional touch panel configuration with external PCAP controller
  • Potential cost saving:
    • It also reduces the cost and simplifies the supply chain by eliminating the need for a separate PCAP sensor and assembly and test requirements of current solutions


Kyocera Display 7.0