TFT Displays & Accessories 4.3 EVE2 TFT SUNLGHT READABLE RES

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Description of product


Newhaven Display EVE2 TFT Modules are HMI (Human-Machine Interface) displays with powerful FT81x touch display controller ICs that feature Embedded Video Engine-2 (EVE2) technology. These TFT modules are available in different variants based on the screen size and touch interface, the screens are also available in standard, premium, and sunlight-readable display variants. The EVE2 modules feature FFC and IDC industry standard 20-pin connectors, onboard LED backlight driver, and SPI interface with DSPI and QSPI support. The SPI interface and EVE2 chip empower these modules to perform like a graphical powerhouse.


  • Available in 3.5", 4.3", 5", and 7" size variants
  • Powerful EVE2 graphic engine by FTDI/Bridgetek
  • SPI interface with DSPI and QSPI support
  • FFC and IDC 20-pin connection option on each board
  • Onboard LED backlight driver that never compromise brightness
  • 1MB built-in graphics memory
  • Pulse width modulation backlight control available
  • Supports multiple image formats, widgets, video (QSPI), and audio playback
  • Includes audio synthesization capability
  • Built-in scalable fonts
  • Touch tag support for tracking touch movement
  • Portrait and landscape orientation support
  • RoHS compliant