Switching Voltage Regulators SYNCH.RECT. BUCK DC/DC CONV

Switching Voltage Regulators SYNCH.RECT. BUCK DC/DC CONV

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Nano Series Power Solutions

ROHM Semiconductor Nano Series Power Solutions consist of power-supply ICs designed to convert ultra-high-speed and ultra-low current technology. Nano Pulse Control™ applications convert high voltages to low voltages using a single integrated circuit to achieve simpler, more compact systems. Applications include Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices such as IP phones and wireless access points in addition to industrial equipment such as high-torque 48V motor systems. Nano Pulse Control ultra-high-speed technology enables a simplified power supply configuration in automotive lithium ion 48V batteries, leading to a high step-down ratio (24:1) from a maximum voltage of 60V to 2.5V. This results in an ON time of 9ns, well below the 120ns of conventional products.