Switching Voltage Regulators Optical Sensor Driver

Switching Voltage Regulators Optical Sensor Driver

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MAX20343/MAX20344 Buck-Boost Regulators

Maxim Integrated MAX20343/MAX20344 Buck-Boost Regulators offer a 1A current capability at 3.5V intended for applications that require long run times while also demanding bursts of high current. The MAX20343/MAX20344 employs a unique control algorithm that seamlessly transitions between buck, buck-boost, and boost modes, minimizing discontinuities and subharmonics in the output voltage ripple. The MAX20343/MAX20344 features a low 1.9V input voltage for startup that allows users to power the device from a variety of sources. The MAX20343/MAX20344 has also been designed to keep inductance and output capacitance requirements as low as possible for space-constrained applications.