Switching Voltage Regulators Buck DC/DC Converter for Energy Harvester with Adjustable Maximum Power Point Control, Adjustable Output Voltage and PG Function

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Description of product

R1801K Power-Storing Buck DC-DC Converter

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company R1801K Power-Storing Buck DC-DC Converter is optimized for photovoltaic energy harvesting applications. The R1801K offers an ultra-low 200nA quiescent current (IQ), a high 80% efficiency at 10μA, and a minimum starting power of 1.00μW (VIN=4.0V, VOUT=3.0V). This device also features a Maximum Power Point Control (MPPC) function and a reverse current protection function. The former function optimizes the efficiency of power supply from a photovoltaic element, and the latter cuts off the reverse-current path when power is off to prevent power loss caused by reverse current.