Switching Voltage Regulators Buck/Boost Charger for 2S Li-Ion Battery

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Description of product

MAX77962 3.2A USB Type-C® Buck-Boost Charger

Maxim Integrated MAX77962 3.2A USB Type-C® Buck-Boost Charger operates as a reverse buck without an additional inductor, allowing the IC to power USB On-the-Go (OTG) accessories. The MAX77962 operates with a wide input range from 3.5V to 23.0V, which is ideal for USB-C charging applications. The charger input current limit is programmable from 50mA to 3.15A, which is flexible to operate from either an AC-to-DC wall charger or a USB Type-C adapter. The MAX77962 offers a high level of integration and does not require any external MOSFETs to operate, significantly reducing the solution size. This device's charging current is programmable from 50mA to 3.2A, which accommodates small or large capacity batteries.