Switching Voltage Regulators Automotive 2.95-V to 6-V, 2-A, 2-MHz synchronous buck converter 16-WQFN -40 to 125

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TPS57112C-Q1 Synchronous Buck Converter

Texas Instruments TPS57112C-Q1 Synchronous Buck Converter is a full-featured automotive 6V, 2A, synchronous step-down current-mode converter with two integrated MOSFETs. The TPS57112C-Q1 enables small designs by integrating the MOSFETs, implementing current-mode control to reduce external component count, and reducing inductor size by enabling up to 2MHz switching frequency. It also minimizes the IC footprint with a small 3mm×3mm thermally enhanced QFN package. The TPS57112C-Q1 device provides accurate regulation for a variety of loads with an accurate ±1% voltage reference (Vref) over temperature. The integrated 12mΩ MOSFETs and 515µA typical supply current maximize efficiency. Entering shutdown mode using the enable pin reduces shutdown supply current to 5.5µA, typical. The internal undervoltage lockout setting is at 2.45V, but programming the threshold with a resistor network on the enable pin can increase the setting. The slow-start pin sets the output-voltage start-up ramp. An open-drain power-good signal indicates when the output is within 93% to 107% of its nominal voltage. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protect the device during an overcurrent condition.