Switching Voltage Regulators 80V 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost PWM Controller, HTSSOP,

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ISL81801 80V Buck-Boost Controllers

Renesas Electronics ISL81801 80V Buck-Boost Controllers are true bidirectional four-switch controllers that provide peak and average current sensing and monitoring at both ends. These controllers feature a proprietary buck-boost control algorithm, valley current modulation for boost mode, and peak current modulation for buck mode control. The ISL81801 controllers support parallel operation current sharing with cascade phase interleaving and provide selectable PWM mode operation between PWM/DE/burst modes. These controllers operate at 4.5V to 80V input voltage range, 0.8V to 80V wide output voltage range, and 100kHz to 600kHz programmable frequency range. The ISL81801 controllers are available in TQFN and HTSSOP packages that use an EPAD to improve thermal performance and noise immunity. These controllers are used in applications such as battery backup, redundant power supplies, medical equipment, security surveillance, aftermarket automotive, renewable energy, and battery-powered industrial applications.