Switching Voltage Regulators 5.5V, 2A Synchronous Step-down Converter with SS & PG

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MP2181/MP2182 Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) MP2181/MP2182 Synchronous Step-Down Converters are switch-mode converters with built-in internal power MOSFETs. They achieve 1A (MPS2181) or 2A (MP2182) continuous output current from a 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage with excellent load and line regulation. The output voltage can be regulated to as low as 0.6V. The constant-on-time (COT) control scheme provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault protections include cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. The MP2181/MP2182 is available in an ultra-small SOT583 package and requires a minimal number of readily available, standard external components. The MP2181/MP2182 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including high-performance DSPs, wireless power, portable and mobile devices, and other low-power systems.