Switching Voltage Regulators 36V, 16A buck-boost converter with PPS control 26-VQFN-HR -40 to 150

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TPS55288/TPS55288-Q1 Buck-Boost Converter

Texas Instruments TPS55288/TPS55288-Q1 Synchronous Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter is capable of regulating the output voltage at, above, or below the input voltage. The TPS55288 operates over 2.7V to 36V wide input voltage and capable of outputing 0.8V to 22V voltage to support a variety of applications. The TPS55288/TPS55288-Q1 integrates two 16A MOSFETs of the boost leg to balance the solution size and efficiency. With the programmable output voltage and output current limit through an I2C interface, the TPS55288 is fully compliant to the USB PD specification. The TPS55288/TPS55288-Q1 is capable of delivering 100W from 12V input voltage.