Switching Voltage Regulators 12V input, 4A DC/DC converter with Skip in 2x2 package

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Description of product

MAX18066/MAX18166 Step-Down DC-DC Regulators

Maxim MAX18066/MAX18166 Step-Down DC-DC Regulators deliver an output current up to 4A with high efficiency. The devices operate from an input voltage of 4.5V to 16V and provide an adjustable output voltage from 0.606V to 90% of the input voltage. The devices are ideal for distributed power systems, notebook computers, nonportable consumer applications, and pre-regulation applications. The devices feature a PWM mode operation with an internally fixed switching frequency of 500kHz (MAX18066) and 350kHz (MAX18166) capable of a 90% maximum duty cycle. The devices automatically enter skip mode at light loads. The current-mode control architecture simplifies compensation design and ensures a cycle-by-cycle current limit and fast response to line and load transients. A high gain transconductance error amplifier allows flexibility in setting the external compensation, simplifying the design, and allowing for an all-ceramic design.