Switching Voltage Regulators 1.5A 2.7-5.5Vin 0.95Vout PWM

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PicoBK™ MYRG DC-DC Converters

Murata Electronics PicoBK™ MYRG DC-DC Converters offer a 2.5V to 6.0V input voltage range, 500mA to 2A output current, and up to 94% efficiency. The MYRGM-W/B series has a high speed soft-start as fast as 0.3ms in typical for quick turn-on and uses synchronous rectification at an operating frequency of 3MHz. MYRGM-XC series features an internal coil that simplifies the circuit and enables minimization of noise and other operational trouble due to the circuit wiring.  MYRGP-W/B Converters offer a Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) function so the internal P-channel driver transistor is forced OFF when the input voltage becomes 2V or lower. Murata PicoBK™ MYRG DC-DC Converters are ideal for Notebook PCs, Tablet PCs, and mobile phone applications.