Switching Voltage Regulators 0.3V Ultra-low Output Voltage 300 mA Buck DC/DC Converter with Battery Monitor

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Description of product

RP517 DC/DC Converters

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company RP517 DC/DC Converters are designed to achieve 0.3V ultra-low output voltage and 0.3µA ultra-low quiescent current. These DC/DC converters feature 0.3V to 1.2V output voltage range, 300mA output current, 0.01µA standby current, and ±18mV output voltage accuracy. The RP517 DC/DC converters are suitable for wearable and IoT devices. These converters are available in various packages including WLCSP, DFN, and SOT. Typical applications include smartwatches, smart bands, Li-ion battery-used equipment, coin cell-used equipment, WiSun, Zigbee, a sensor device, and energy harvester.