Switching Controllers CCM/DCM Flyback Ideal Diode with Integrated 100V/10mO MOSFET

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MP9989 CCM/DCM Flyback Ideal Diodes

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) MP9989 CCM/DCM Flyback Ideal Diodes are fast turn-off and intelligent rectifiers for flyback converters that integrate a 100V MOSFET. These diodes do not require auxiliary winding as they generate their own supply voltage. This makes the diodes ideal for charger applications with a low output voltage requirement or any other adaptor applications with the high-side set-up. The MP9989 diodes consist of an internal slew rate ringing detection circuitry that prevents it from falsely turning on during Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) operations. These diodes feature Energy Star compatibility, 110µA quiescent current, and support DCM, CCM, and quasi-resonant operations. The negative Gate-to-Source (VGS) voltage boosts the turn-off speed and improves efficiency. Typical applications include laptop adapters, QC and USB PD charger, high-efficiency flyback converters.